Grub worm damage has become more common in recent years but can be prevented
with one annual application.  Since grubs can not be detected until the grass is
already damaged and the cost for a curative application at that point is higher than
the preventative application, it is better to be safe than sorry.  
For more information please call our office.

NEW!!   We have upgraded our Grub Control product from Merit (Imidacloprid) to
Acelepryn (Chlorantraniliprole).  Acelepryn not only provides season long control for
Grubs but it also controls a wide range of turf damaging insects (i.e. Grubs, Billbugs,
Sod Webworms, Armyworms & Cutworms) without having any adverse effects on
beneficial non-target organisms such as earthworms or honeybees.
If you have any questions about this product upgrade, please call or text
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P.O. Box 480 St. John, IN  46373