Our certified arborist specializes in caring for woody vascular plants (trees, shrubs, vines, & ground covers)

1. Nutritional Treatment
A. Spring & Fall Fertilization - This treatment is rendered via the deep root injection technique.  A liquid fertilizer is injected around the
plant's root system.

Micro Injection - Iron and Manganese micronutrients are offered for pin oaks, river birches and red maples.  This treatment is helpful
where chlorosis (leaf yellowing) issues are developing or ongoing.

Mycorrhizae - A special root fungus blend designed to enhance root establishment and minimize transplant trauma.  This is ideal for
newly installed or young landscapes.  This can also be helpful for overmature and declining trees.

Acid Lover's Special - An over-the-top (topical) treatment to supplement the traditional spring & fall fertilization.  This is designed for
evergreens, azaleas, rhododendrons and hollies.

2. Integrated Pest Management Treatments
A. Insect and disease control treatments which are applied from the beginning of the spring to the end of summer.  Ideal for large, diverse
Emerald Ash Borer (click for more info)

B. Disease Control Special
This is a spring program for controlling early season leaf fungus issues, such as crabapple apple scab and hawthorn rust (cedar-quince).

C. Micro Injection - Insect control for tall trees in excess of 30 feet, or trees in spray sensitive locations.  Commonly injected trees include
silver maple, honey locust, white birch and elms.

D. Dormant Oil - Horticultural oil is applied to trees and shrubs before leaf out.  It targets such over-wintering pets as aphids, scales and
mites.  This is often recommended as a component to out fruit tree spray program.

3. Ornamental Pruning (click for more info)
Our pruning services are offered on a limited basis, primarily during the dormant period.  Our emphasis is placed on young tree training,
using current and proper pruning techniques.  Pruning services include natural contour shaping (redefinition), interior thinning, dead
wooding and disease removal.

4. Arborist Consultation
Provided free-of-charge to our customers, assistance with; hazard tree assessment, plant appraisal, landscape planning and species

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