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Forever Green PHC offers a very specialized service, within an extremely refined niche.  Somewhere between the small and tall woody plants, and the bush trimmers
and tall tree guys, you will find the ornamental pruners.  If there is a large shrub, or a small tree (less than 25' tall) that requires specialized attention, then we are for
you.  Here is what makes us so different, and certainly worthy of your attention:

-We emphasize knowing the plants, and how to properly prune them.
-Our approach is 'old school', using traditional tools; very seldom are power tools and equipment utilized.
-With a concern for disease transmission, pruning tools are cleaned and sterilized between each and every property.
-Pruning tools are kept sharp to ensure that plant pruning cuts are smooth and proper; emphasis is put on placement of each cut.
-No stubs or jagged rips or tears or topping.
-Pruning is done the Certified Arborist way, the Right Way.

If you have specimen shrubs or ornamental trees, you may want to consider having us perform these particular pruning needs;
Natural Contour Redefinition.  Shaping the outside of the plant the way Mother Nature intended.  Not to be confused with topping, which is malpractice, and            
not a true tree care practice.
Interior Thinning.  Pruning cuts that favor the permanent form, by removing branches inside the crown.  Targeted plants parts may include water sprouts,                 
suckers, rubbing branches, temporary branches and tight branches.
Deadwood Extraction.  Leaving only live viable stems, redirecting energy flow within the living system.
Training Young Plantings.  Pruning with a vision of future plant shape and size.
Structural Clearance.  Removing limbs that interfere or encroach upon buildings or structures.
Elevation & Vista Pruning.  Removing the lower limbs to accent ornamental attributes, to clear vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or to enhance view.

Would you rather have your bush butchered, or your Spirea interior thinned?  Ultimately, the decision is yours...

                                                                                                                                              ...Where Science Meets Art
Precision Pruning - the Arborist Way